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As a student, I always found science boring. Mostly memorization and reading assignments.
In seventh grade, there were a few demonstrations that really caught my attention. I still remember the powder explosion using a coffee can, flour and a candle. I learned something that day that I still remember. I saw it, I heard it and I remember it.
As a professional school assembly presenter, I try to recreate that excitement for students. Using exciting demonstrations, humor and volunteers, I create a learning experience that will not be forgotten.
I create an atmosphere of excitement about science that, hopefully, will be continued long after I leave. I want students to know learning can be fun.
Creative School
My seventh grade science teacher brought demonstrations and hands on activities into the class room.It was a year where science was interesting, relevant and my grades reflected that. In addition to motivating the students, it is always my intention to stimulate some creative thinking among the teachers. I leave materials for them to build on and they experience first hand the power of visual, interactive demonstrations.
I personally believe that children love to learn. But unfortunately, we all too often make learning work. Yes, learning involves reading, writing, memorization and test taking. Mastery of a subject takes time and effort. Students need to see the rewards of applying themselves. They need to see the relevance of a subject to their lives and the joy of applying newly acquired skills.
As funding for different programs becomes tighter, I believe it is important for schools and PTA and PTO leaders to remember to bring in the educational assembly program. There are many fine presenters nationwide who can bring exciting, motivational and educational presentations to your school. The memories of these presentations and the excitement for learning they create can carry through a child's life.
Dennis Regling is a professional educational presenter. He travels throughout the Midwest and east coast presenting science and math programs in elementary and middle schools. Dennis has ten years experience and has presented over 3000 assemblies in schools across 24 states. In the fall of 2010, Dennis will bring his Magic of Science program to the National Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. To schedule Dennis for your school, science camp or other programs, phone 1-800-858-5402 or go to

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